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Welcome to Our New Website!

As Anansi has grown over the last few years, we decided to update the website to reflect our evolution and success working within Taos and for the wonderful students that attend Anansi and their parents.

We hired Taos Web Design to expand and streamline the older website. They (Perry Penick and Daniela Boifava) were excellent to work with, and worked with the original graphic design elements from Lesley Cox at Feel Design Associates.

We hope that the parents and students of Anansi, the school staff and other supportive individuals will find this new website helpful in understanding the role Anansi Charter School fulfills in Taos. We also hope everyone finds it useful for finding the information needed including forms, calendars, activities, updates and so forth. If you have any feedback that will help us improve this website,  feel free to email us any suggestions at Otherwise, we hope you will find the new website useful and refreshing.