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Friends of Anansi

Friends of Anansi Charter School is the school’s 501 c-3 formed to support the needs of ACS. We welcome all parents and teachers in the school community to join our group as we value your input. We hope that you get involved.



What is the organization “Friends of Anansi Charter School?

The Friends of Anansi Charter School is the non-profit, parent driven volunteer organization, and Parent Advisory Committee to the school. In addition, the Friends of Anansi Charter School are currently the owners and landlords for the school’s facility through a state approved “Lease with Option to Purchase” Agreement.


Friends of Anansi Charter School Vision:

To have a financially sustainable school that meets the needs of its students, faculty and families through academic excellence, social and emotional development and building a strong foundation for life-long learning.


Friends of Anansi Charter School Mission:

To support Anansi Charter School in its pursuit of excellence:

  • To fulfill the financial commitment we have in developing the current facility and its expansion
  • To raise money to maintain the campus
  • To work to promote a partnership of parent, student and faculty
  • To assist with financially sustaining the school in the future through educational enrichment and community based programming
  • To build outreach within our greater community

Friends of Anansi Charter School organize many fun and community-building events throughout the year, and provide services that help the school. Friends of ACS also fund-raise every year as requested by the school, to be used where needed. The school counts on substantial support from Friends. To join our group, please call at: 575-776-2256

Friends of Anansi Charter School:

President: Jen Scott
Vice President and Treasurer: Amanda Allalunis
Secretary: Chris Johnson
Member: Serena Brown
Member: Ellen Lerner
Member: Andra Maddox
Member: Wendy Price
Member: Maggie Rael


Friends of Anansi Meeting Calendar: 

Friends of Anansi Charter School Board Meeting Dates
View Monthly Calendar Events Here.

“Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in”
— Author Unknown