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Anansi Mission Statement

The Mission of Anansi Charter School
is to develop the academic potential and emotional intelligence of each learner. We strive to promote the love of learning through student engagement, innovative educational practices and family and community partnerships.”

“Our vision is to be a public community school
that educates the heart and mind of each learner to ensure success.”

“Our Goal at Anansi Charter School is committed
to addressing the academic and social success of our students by providing them with developmentally appropriate practices, evidence-based instruction, interactive learning experiences, and timely interventions when needed.”


“To develop the academic potential of each learner”

  • Through the commitment to high expectations for every learner
  • Through the commitment to high expectations for every learner
  • Through the commitment to the use of evidence-based effective instructional practices
  • Through the commitment and use of Anansi’s Common Core aligned curriculum
  • Through the use of assessment & data informed instruction
  • Through the use of a multi-sensory approach to instruction
  • Through the use of interactive, student-centered instructional practices
  • Through the use of consistent daily instructional routines and norms
  • Through the use of differentiated instruction
  • Through the attention of multiple intelligences
  • Through the recognition of the learning potential of each individual student

“To develop the emotional intelligence of each learner”

  • Through the commitment of weekly social emotional learning instruction
  • Through the use of  Anansi’s selected Social Emotional learning curricula
  • Through the development of positive relationships: student to student, student to teacher, student to parent, and parent to teacher
  • Through the development and use of a communication commitment
  • Through the commitment to a safe and positive school climate
  • Through the commitment to policies that support the development of trust, consistency, and restorative justice
  • Through the commitment of providing each student with a “cross grade buddy”

“We strive to promote the love of learning through student engagement and innovative practices”

  • Through experiential, student centered learning opportunities
  • Through varied cooperative learning environments that include whole group, small group, partnered, and independent opportunities
  • Through project-based learning
  • Through field trips, and real world connection opportunities
  • Through student council and student leadership
  • Through integrated learning units of study
  • Through student performances, productions, and celebrations of learning events
  • Through the use of interactive technology
  • Through cross-grade units of study of world cultures and cultural history
  • Through the Anansi faculty’s commitment to life-long learning and curiosity
  • Through the use of games as a learning tool
  • Through the commitment to the development of each student’s creativity
  • Through the commitment to the arts as a vehicle for exploration, reflection, learning, and expression

“We strive to promote the love of learning through family and community partnerships”

  • Through the commitment to a positive school climate and open door to visitors
  • Through school-wide events such as the Dr. Seuss Read-a-thon, Earth Day Campus Event, and the Let’s Move Family Outdoor Events
  • Through the expectation of parent volunteerism and activism in their school
  • Through the culmination of studies through Celebrations of learning and Student-Driven presentations
  • Through the commitment of seeking community partnerships for learning and service experiences
  • Through the expectation of 100% participation in parent-teacher-student conferences two times per year
  • Through the use of newsletters and consistent clear communication