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Welcome to the Anansi Charter School!  Whether you are already a member of the Anansi community or interested in learning more about us as a prospective parent, teacher, or student, I hope that you can appreciate the passion and energy that define our school environment.

ACS is a public charter school authorized as a member of the Taos Municipal School District. As you enter our beautiful rural campus, you will find Anansi students and teachers working, learning and exploring together in an educational setting that fosters individual attention and the development of curious and confident learners.

Finding a school that is the right fit for your child so he or she can thrive as a learner and school community member can be very challenging. It is important to choose an environment where the curriculum, culture and atmosphere contribute to each child’s whole development. Whether it is their intellect and morals or their character and self-confidence, learning in the classroom must be engaging.

At the Anansi Charter School, we know and value:

  • That each student is an individual who possesses unique talents, qualities, and strengths
  • That each student deserves the delivery of a strong academic curriculum that is supported by well integrated technology
  • That each student benefits from strong relationships with the faculty based upon trust, integrity, and clear communication
  • That each student should be challenged in a supportive classroom where he or she can laugh, learn, and truly enjoy school

These traits create the core of the Anansi Charter School educational experience.

However, it is also instances such as the warm friendly greeting a child receives as he or she walks on to the campus, the kindergartner engaged in a book with his cross grade buddy, or perhaps the confident voice of our students as they present at a “Celebration of Learning”. The brilliance of these moments cannot be fully captured through our website – they must be experienced in person to know how truly special they are. Therefore, I welcome you to come see the Anansi Charter School in action! Meet our remarkable students and teachers and observe our commitment to success. Only then will you be able to really see what makes Anansi Charter School such a unique and special school.

All the best,

– Michele Hunt Director, Anansi Charter School

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!”
— William H. Murray