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Anansi Charter School’s Goal:

Anansi Charter School is committed to addressing the academic and social success of our students by providing them with developmentally appropriate practices, evidence-based instruction, interactive learning experiences, and timely interventions when needed.


Anansi Charter School’s History of Success:

  • The Anansi Charter School has successfully renewed its charter 3 times and will begin its 17th year as a New Mexico Charter School in 2017-2018
  • Anansi has met its goals for excellence in academic achievement every year since its inception
  • Anansi earned an A in 2014-15 and a B in 2015-16 State Report Card (Link to the report cards missing)
  • 2017: Anansi graduated its first 8th grade class!
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“Our vision is to be a public community school that educates the heart and mind of each learner to ensure success.”

“The mission of Anansi Charter School is to develop the academic potential and emotional intelligence of each learner. We strive to promote the love of learning through student engagement, innovative educational practices and family and community partnerships.”

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