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FUNDRAISER to support the Anansi Charter School Winter Sports Program for Scholarships and Transportation

  1. Download the Truffle and Art Card order form and print it.
  2. Take a look at the art card artwork on this website and select from the offers on the order form.
  3. Fill out the printed order form, write your check for the full amount due; make payable to the Friends of the Anansi Charter School
  4. Submit the form and your check to the Anansi Charter School front office by Friday, November 9, 2018

To Order Your Art Cards, Click on this link to view / download / print the Card Order Form (pdf)

To Place Your Truffle Orders, Click on this link to view / download / print the Card Order Form (pdf)


Art Cards - Kindergarten


Art Cards - 1st Grade


Art Cards - 2nd Grade


Art Cards - 3rd Grade


Art Cards - 4th Grade


Art Cards - 5th Grade


Art Cards - 6th Grade


Art Cards - 7th Grade


Art Cards - 8th Grade



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