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Governance Council

The Governance Council has final authority for all aspects of the school's operation and educational program.


Anansi Charter School is a New Mexico Public Charter School authorized by the Taos Municipal School District. Our Governance Council serves as the board of directors, and is governed in its operations and its actions by its approved bylaws of the Charter School, which are consistent with the terms of the charter, the Charter Schools Act, and all other applicable laws. The Governance Council has final authority for all aspects of the school’s operation and educational program. The roles and responsibilities of the Governance Council include but are not limited to:

Monitor fiscal solvency and management.
Approve budgets/spending and fiscal policies.

Educational Program:
Monitor student performance.
Ensure curriculum aligns with mission.

Hire/fire/evaluate Director.
Approve personnel policies.

Enter into financing and building contracts.
Approve construction and remodeling of facilities.

The Governance Council meets the second Tuesday of each month (excluding July) at 5:30 pm. 

Governance Council 2016-17

President: Andrew
Vice President: Vacant
Treasurer: Roxanne Rane, rrane@anansi.acstaos.or
Secretary: Dawn Kittner,
Member: Sagen Asplund,
Member: Leigh Trivino,


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“Our vision is to be a public community school that educates the heart and mind of each learner to ensure success.”

“The mission of Anansi Charter School is to develop the academic potential and emotional intelligence of each learner. We strive to promote the love of learning through student engagement, innovative educational practices and family and community partnerships.”

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